Comfort to our ears

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Comfort to our ears

It is the art that will continue to live on even with the changes in technology. Music will always be there for people to connect to events that are occurring in their lives.

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Music is the art which people go to in order to express their feelings and contemplate events happening in their lives.  It would be hard to say that you could not find a song to express how you feel as you encounter each event in your life.  People look to music when they are sad, happy, excited, depressed, grieving, and any emotion in between.
MUSIC in today’s life is essential. Without music the world would be a very quite place. Music is the perfect art. Music does not restrict the audience in the way that movies or graphic art does. The listener can create whatever image she or he wants to when listening to music.

Everyone takes for granted someone they are able to call on anytime when they are in trouble or need advice from that person. They could be friends, parents, grandparents, relatives, or mentors.  There is one song that is the go tofor me when one of these people is lost in my life, Brooks & Dunn, Believe.

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This song was on repeat when I found out mygrandfather had passed away in April of 2010.  The song was an inspirationand reminded me of the goals I wanted to achieve and the support he always gaveme towards those goals.  I also have to admit I did not call him as muchas I would have liked during school, which is one reason I relate to this song.

My grandfather visited me during move in day andmentioned he wanted to come up because it would be his only chance.  Thispuzzled me since I was planning on staying at SouthernMethodist University for four years.  I do not know if he had afeeling or why he would make the comment but I know I am glad she and my grandfather decided tocome up and see why I am proud to go to the university I do.


Since loosing my grandfather, there have beenother people that were mentors to me that keep this song fresh in my mind. Everyone tells you to find a mentor and I followed that advice but thatoften means finding someone that you grow attached to and hate to ever saygoodbye one last time.

"Believe" is a single by American country music duo Brooks & Dunn. It was the second single from their album Hillbilly Deluxe, and it won the Country Music Association’s 2006 awards for Single of the Year and Music Video of the Year.[1]
The song was a hit across the country winning numerousawards.  The song is a time for reflection and a time for me to evaluatehow things happen when you least expect it.  I knew I had to go above andbeyond in college in order to fully honor the life that was lost.      

Jennifer Hudson rerecordedthe song in 2011 and felt the song tied into her new album she was going torelease that year. 

Jennifer said she titled the album ‘I Remember Me’ because it is helping her "to remember the old stuff and celebrate the new."

 Everyday I set my goal to make sure what I amdoing would make my grandfather proud.  I think everyone finds inspiration to getthrough tough the times in his or her life and music is something that will alwaysbe there for you to relate to.  Whether it is blaring the radio to hardrock when you are frustrated or upbeat songs by Colbie Calliat when you arehappy, music never lets you done.

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