Dr. O’Neal talks to students about his humor and leadership research

February 25, 2013 in Leadership, News by Jonathan Machemehl

The Southern Methodist University campus was livelier than normal on a Friday night to hear a keynote speech about academic research in humor. The keynote speaker of the night for the North East Texas Humor Research Conference, hosted by SMU and Texas A&M University – Commerce, helped draw in the large crowd.

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The code of a Mustang leader

February 6, 2012 in Leadership by Jonathan Machemehl

“Be a Leader.” “This student showed great leadership in all of his/her actions while working on this program.” We hear phrases like these at almost every conference and award ceremony you attend but they never give the specific characteristics that make a good leader.

A leader is the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country according to the New Oxford American Dictionary.  Does this definition really define what a leader is?  Better yet, does this definition define what a great leader is or does to be considered one?  During the All University Crain Leadership Conference, Dr. Lori White, vice president of student affairs atSouthern Methodist University, presented us with a code, which a leader should follow.  Looking at this code, I see it as a checklist to determine whether you fit the classification of a leader.

They are as follows:

  • Make a commitment to be the best student leader you can be.
  • Understand the value of diverse viewpoints and perspectives.
  • Stand up for what you know is right. (even when others are not willing to do so)
  • Treat everyone fairly and respectfully.
  • Avoid making negative comments about other individuals or groups. (that includes in person and on social media sites)
  • Never compromise ethical principles.
  • Get out of your comfort zone.
  • Serve as a model for all individuals through your words and actions.

If you did not notice the list is an anagram for the word mustang but that is irrelevant.  This is a code that a true leader follows.  We all wobble and have our faults but should always strive to live up to this code throughout our lives.